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Sidereal Astrology Introduction Page

New Articles:

Love and Romance

Long Term Compatibility

How Fast Is Your Time?

What Does Your Heart Say About Your Car?

Fears: What They Mean and How They Affect You

Are You Attracted To Them? Part 1

Constantly Updated:

Sidereal Astrology Events and Questions

Celebrities Horoscopes

Pictures of Each Individual Position

Zodiac Comics (

How to Get Your Own Chart on

Extra Readings:

Extra Readings:

Life Cycle Reading

Aura Image Reading

Planets in Body and Chakras Image Reading

Your Psychic Skill/s Reading

Career Reading (Arudha Lugna)

Laminated & Binder Chart Reading

Aspects Reading


Meaning: Planets

Meaning: Houses

Meanings: Lords

Psychic Smell: What Scent Do You Release?

Planets: Who Helps and Who Hinders?

The Grid: Your Makeup of Over 300,000 Variations

Crystals via Zodiac Signs

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

Rahu and Ketu: The Human Experience

Astrology and Chakras for Guys

Where to Find your Birth Time?

Western Sidereal Astrology Aps for Andriod

Astrology in Psychology

Biological Perspectives in Astrology


Signs via Life Role

All About: Sun

All About: Moon

All About: Mercury

All About: Venus

All About: Mars

All About: Jupiter

All About: Saturn

Sidereal Astrology 101

Sidereal Astrology Comparisons to Tropical Astrology

Pictures of Zodiacs from all over the World

Chinese Astrology’s Four Tier Astrology

Pictures of the Zodiac Signs Interacting

Precession of the Equinox

Pictures of Sayings for Zodiac Positions

Author’s Astrology

Astrology’s Wisdom Sayings


Planets that give you strong Psychic potentials

What Psychic Powers Manifest As In Each Person

How Elements Affect Spellwork

Astrology for Healing

Divisional Charts

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